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We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients since 1973.   The amount of your recovery will depend upon the skill and experience of your lawyer.   We provide aggressive representation and our objective is to maximze your recovery if you have a provable case.   We are always available to provide clear answers to your questions. Each case is different and past records are no assurance a favorable result in any future case.   Call now and we can determine if you have a provable case and how much your case is worth.  443-902-1962   24/7

When your lawyer has failed to properly represent you, we are here to help and provide an effective remedy.   Legal malpractice occures when an attorney fails to conform the representation to the required standard.   Legal Malpractice takes place when an attorney performs an act in a negligent manner or fails to take required action.   If we accept your case we will do everything possible to right the wrong and keep you informed. Please note, we do not generally accept cases in which the underlying case was a criminal or family law case.

The injured party or plaintiff must establish that the negligent act or ommission was not simply the result of the attorney's discretion or poor planning but that the conduct fell below the requried standard of attorneys in that location.   Attorney's are generally not held to absolute standards because each case is different and attorney's are permitted to exercise reasonable discretion.   Upon receipt of your call, we will evaluate the facts in your case. If you wish to email documents that support your claim, you may email any documents to: legalmalpracticelawyers@gmail, . You should be aware that forwarding any documents does not create an attorney client relationship.   If we accept your case, we will forward a written fee agreement to you and keep you imformed about the progress of your case.

Legal malpractice can also occur when the attorney commits an intentional act in the attorney's own interest and as the result, the client is damaged.   This occurs when an attorney act in self interest and the cleint is harmed or damaged.

Unlike a regular negligence case the client or injured party must have an expert witness to be able to testify or establish that the origional attorney's conduct did not conform to the requried standard.   The expert, or attorney, in these types of cases can qualify to be an expert on the basis of education or experience.

For example in an automobile accident case that may have involved a red light, or crossing over a center line, an ordinary person can render an an opinion as to who had the red light, or which vehicle ran over the center line, but a layman can not render an opinion in a legal malpractice case as to if the attorney's conduct fell below the required standard.   The pay persons's opinion may be admissible as to what that persons's opinion may be but would not be admissible to decide the ultimate issue in the case.

Often can be a good policy to obtain an expert opinion prior to instituting formal litigation because a representation could because a representation could be made that may not be backed up by the expert.   A person can quality to be an expert in a given subject based upon either education or experience.   In seeking to get a person to attempt to qualify as an expert in a case, the side seeking to have a particular person to qualify, questions are asked to that person about their eduction or experience. The opposition can cross examine that person and the judge will render a decision if that person will quality as an expert on a case to case basis. An any case, it is always possible to have more than one person to qualify as an expert.

In attempting to prove a legal malpractice case, the client, or injured party must be able to prove what is referred to as a case within a case. This means that in addition to proving that the lawyer was negligent, the client or injured person must be able to prove the underlyling case would have be won except for the attorney's neglgience.

Not infrequently, attorneys accept cases that can not be won, which means that even if the attorney's conduct fell below the required standard, the client, or injured party, may not be able to recover unless they can estabish, or prove, through expert testimony that the case may have been able to be won be another attorney.

Another consdieration in a legal malpractice case is that many attorneys have insurance policys and many the the insurance carriers have on retainer highly skilled defense law firms that require that each element in the case be proven which otfen can be time consuming and expensive to litigate.

The information contained in this website is intended for general information purposes only and must not be interpreted as formal legal advice or the formation of an attorney client relationship. Each case is different and requires specific independent legal advice from a licensed lawyer.

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